Friday, December 10

Advent 2

The light in my sister's cottage is amazing this time of year.
We went there for the annual Christmas pud stir-up.
But for the rest of the week, it's been duvets and stories for my very poorly girl.
Managed to get a bit of work done though - my copy is on the right.


  1. Ah hope Isla's feeling better soon x

  2. poor little poppet. i wish her well. bird looks brilliant, nice work. x

  3. sending get well wishes to poor little dotters way, you've painted a lovley picture with this post , all christmasy and snuggly , and you've also painted a 'marsupial' window .... the reproduction is superb... genius

  4. Sorry to hear your little girl has been poorly. I hope she is better now. Your repro of the bird glass is spot on.

  5. Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. I must stop moaning about it, a friend has a husband in hospital with pneumonia and both her boys have the same bug as Isla... poor her!