Sunday, December 5

Advent 1

The first week of December looked like this...
We made trees.
I made lots of Mary and Josephs.
I found a way of using up my upside-down printed cards.
The snow made the garden very pretty.


  1. I was particularly admiring your little tree tag and indeed your stripey string - my colourful window baubles have arrived safely and are super, thanks!

  2. Ah lovely! thanx for lovely comment on my blog, I'll have to check out the Charlie and Lola christmas show sounds great and thanks Isla for liking our trees! hope your enjoying all the lovely snow!:)

  3. its' not only the garden thats so pretty,
    happy busyness and your mary and joseph are the bomb !
    ( that's what the young people say nowadays instead of brilliant???
    whatever next ????)