Monday, October 18


All packed up ready to go.

Bring on the cold weather. We have logs.

Bird girl.

The nasturtiums continue their relentless
pursuit for world domination

Clear blue skies and empty beaches.
Hope you had a good weekend too!

P.S. I love this


  1. loving your work , it is superb.
    Have added you to blogs I love on my blog

  2. I like your business card (if that's what it is)! And your words have unfortunately brought on the cold weather and we have few logs. It'll take me a while to forgive you.

  3. Hello

    I just popped over from Flora & Purl blog. Love your works and blog! Lou x

  4. wow, glorious beaches. love the princess leia costume! x

  5. You've got log fireplace, I am so envy. Love the photo of bird girl :) xm

  6. I'm very jealous that you have beaches and a log fire! I keep meaning to get our fireplace sorted out.. next year I will finally so it!

    Thanks for the link- little Flora will begin to think she's famous! xx