Tuesday, October 12


Some days, you have to look out for the little things which brighten your day.
Here are three things that perked me up today.

Finished making my birds for Rostra and Rooksmoor Galleries.
Piled them up on my newly refurbished lightbox.

Good eggs for lunch.

If Gaudi had been asked to design a vegetable,
he'd probably have come up with this.
Nelly and Isla were floored by it,
and scoffed every last turretty floret.

What three things perked up your day?


  1. If I'm not mistaken, those are free-range eggs, possibly even organic. The veg is magnificent. At 22.27, I have yet to have a perk for today. Sigh.

  2. Oooh those eggs are making me feel peckish again- and what the heck is that veg, broccoli?? It's incredible!

  3. It's called a Romanesco Cauliflower. Tastes like a cross between cauli and broccoli.

  4. That veg is a work of art your right! isn't nature amazing!!

    Three things for me today were skipping down the hill with the kids to school singing black eyed peas " tonight's gona be a good night",

    realizing I had spelt "txt Morticia" wrong on the kids Halloween invites and put "txt Mortitia" instead! ( what kinda party is that gona be!!)

    and Marmite on crumpets for super!...
    there's probably more than 3 things but I've gone on for far too long anyways! love your 3 things:)

  5. Aw, Lisa... you're such a great mum. And that's our family song too!

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  7. It's only morning but I think i can name 3 already.

    1. Breakfast always perks me up. Today on the menu was hazelnut muesli with blueberries and greek yoghurt.

    2. I found your blog, and your work.

    3. I got to see little Taj's bot bot over at little pinwheel. Too cute.