Wednesday, September 15

Red & Blue & Yellow

Today I saw...

I love this print on ceramic tile by Makiko Hastings.


  1. OMG! I've just been doing regular inspirational blog visit (also I was delieghted to come here since I found yours) and what a surprise! Never expected to see my work (even that was a test piece!) at someone's site! Thank you so much, Flora. You are so lovely. :)

    Could I possibly feature yours in my blog? xm

  2. Of course, of course to your PS!

    I was properly "ooh ooh, love this" when I saw your tile - even the fact it is a's wonderful.

  3. still feeling a bit shy, but it's lovely to come back to snooping round yours ms flora, loving your new colour themes and things...

  4. Gorgeous images Flora, love the tile too!