Tuesday, September 14


Now we've gone all retro in the telephone department,
I was pleased to come across some other
vintage office accessories at the weekend.

Chunky, clunky, Post-Office-red hole punch.

Sliding drawers - love those handles.
My paints fit inside perfectly...
Oh the joy of neatly organised paints!

And a heavy iron goat. It's a paperweight of course.
For all those pesky bits of paper that need, um, weighting.


  1. You'll have to wear a twinset and a knee-length tweedy skirt while using these, and curl your hair in rollers overnight. Don't forget to post a picture of yourself for us!

  2. what great finds! love the drawers!

  3. I find a goat shaped paper weight speeds up the office type procedures immensely and therefore deem it essential, ahem...