Thursday, June 24

Letters and Glass Houses

Just listed a new made-to-order item over in the Shop...a superhero-style initial in bright juicy colours. This panel was commissioned back in December, and I had almost forgotten all about it. But when I (finally) got my camera film back from the chemists the other day, there it was, in all it's stripy glory. Blogger is being it's usual incompetent self where the colour red is concerned...visit the shop if you want to see it in focus

We visited Bicton Park Botanical Gardens recently. I loved visiting the palm house the most (I've had serious Kew Gardens withdrawal symptons since we left London).

Nelly was having a bit of an Alice in Wonderland moment there...


  1. I love the initial - Z for Zing. These would be spectacular for a shop-front - the name of the shop written across their front window. When I open my Cushion Emporium I'm coming straight to you.

  2. a very lovely Z it is too,
    ps , just ordered the book on amazon, thanks for that,
    Daughter is the picture of alice alright ,

  3. Oh, I love that last picture :)