Saturday, May 8


Been enjoying the other issues of my Graphis magazines, especially a couple of features on diagrams, packaging design and branding:

In a similar vein, we've all been enjoying this:


  1. Graphis! I used to spend hours poring over my mum's copies of those. I wonder if she still has them? In fact I think I remember cutting them up as a child for collage - probably considered sacrilege now no? I love the spectrum - it would make a fantastic poster supersized.

    x x x

  2. ps. are you and Mike coming to Tanya's camp at Becklands Farm in July? x x x

  3. I think it's from the last thursday in july until the first thursday of august. You can come for as few or as many days as you want. i'll let you know exactly when, when it's confirmed. x x x

  4. That first image is amazingly deceptive and clever.

  5. oh yes! what great images, lucky you. that top image is doing my head in. stop looking at it, stop looking at it!

    thanks so much for your order miss F, i'm hoping to post it on the way to pilates tomorrow!
    sweet dreams.

  6. oooh, right up my street, i love them. how's Isla?