Sunday, April 11

Graphis 177

I was fairly ecstatic to happen upon a stack of old Graphis magazines in my very-local-second-hand-bookshop-next-door yesterday. Especially Edition 177, published in 1975, which is a special focussing on children's book illustrations. About 90% of my favourite illustrators are in here, plus a whole stack of talent I had not heard of. Organised by country, and crammed full of colour and black and white images, flicking through it in a deckchair in the garden yesterday was pretty much heaven for me.

Walter Grieder

Jiri Salamoun

Emma Heinzelmann

Daniele Bour

Alain Gauthier

Adolf Born


  1. My word what a lovely start to a Sunday, thank you for posting these delights!

  2. These are fabulous! Must be a great bookshop, Jo x

  3. These are a joy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if books for grownups were illustrated like this too? Especially thrillers, when the hooded baddie is creeping up behind the hero's house with a knife. Cheerful illustrations would be the making of them.

  4. What a find - good for you - I must admit I'd never heard of some of these illustrators either. Enjoy!

  5. Wow what a find a real source of inspiration and reference, fab!

  6. coo, what a find, i'm salivating all over the keyboard. sorry that's not a pretty mental image. but WOW!

  7. Just the sort of thing I like to come across. You lucky thing.