Wednesday, April 21

Freak Show

Bit of a lapse in blogging there...hopefully back to business soon! In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, some pictures from an auction we went to recently. The Brading Museum on the Isle of Wight has closed down, and was selling off all of its exhibits.
There was a selection of waxworks...

...fairground paraphernalia...


...and some seriously freaky shit...

I love this last really captures the bizarreness of the exhibits juxtaposed with the formality of the auction.

Of course, it was a great day out for the kids too - Bruno the boxing bear was a big hit. Here are Nelly and Isla doing their best Hidden Eloise impression....


  1. Oh I am loving this post so much. I've recently become more than a little obsessed by taxidermy and by that I mean, horrified and fascinated at the same time, the Victorians did some crazy things, the cat in the dress being a fine example....These are such great photos!

  2. So what did you buy and are you making a stained glass dome in which to store it on your landing?

  3. Well, I did come over all Veruca Salt about the flying cat.... "I want that Cat. Daddy, I WANT THAT CAT. And if you can't get me the cat, get me that squirrel in a rocking chair" (it came with a free stoat dressed as a farmer). Our friend bought the bear, alas "Daddy" came home with diddly squat.

  4. oh it looks so fabulous - makes you wonder why on earth they were shutting down - isn't that exactly what we all look for in a day out? Thanks for sharing - made my day!

  5. wow! when i saw the first photo i thought you were finally showing us some of 'daddys' wax works that you hinted at when first i met you...
    these really are something else....i can imagine wanting everything..well maybe not actually .....please tell me everything was really expensive and out of mere mortal reach...( i.e if i can't have them no one else can ) do you know what kind of price the fairground the boat head figures went for?
    WV: crahip ....???????

  6. That's my idea of Heaven, can't believe you didn't buy anything I wouldn't have been able to resist. Probably a good thing I never knew about the sale as I'd have been getting my phone bids in and then getting into trouble for adding to already over stuffed house!

  7. ...and you didn't buy me the bear? looks like you're forcing me to hold onto Pierre's crown for a little while longer...

  8. Marc - I did think of you when I saw the bear...on close inspection it was a bit fleabitten...jocelyn would not have thanked you for bringing the black plague into the house.

    It mostly went for lots of money - some interesting collectors out there!

  9. what the hell?! all of that was bloody terrifying! x

  10. oh. my. god. that looks amazing. i want the lion(s)! and the zebra!

    oh, let's have tea soon!


    p.s. love how your profile pic is seasonal.

  11. I want to sell my house and move in here. It's amazing, and it's shutting down?! What's wrong with the world?

    Have you ever read The Bloggess? She bought a taxidermied boar for her house and I laughed so much I cried.
    When she first saw it:
    When it was bought:

  12. fab post! I went to the isle of white when I was a kid to a place called Black Gang Chine and that was full of weird stuff! I couldn't have anything so freaky in the house but good burglar deterrent!

  13. Fantastic photos! very scary stuff, but I love the taxidermy foxes. Impressive restraint not to bid on just one little cat :-)

  14. Goodness me. It's been a while since I snooped your blog, and this is what I find! ;)
    Hope you are well, and not too damaged by all that you saw at the freaky exhibition.
    Chelle (Ready) x