Monday, March 1

Ho Hum

Just drumming my fingers, waiting for balls to get rolling, whips to get cracking and shows to get on the road - there are a couple of interesting jobs in the pipeline that are yet to get the go-ahead.

In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to this Friday's episode of Mastercrafts (9.00pm BBC2) which will follow 4 apprentices trying their hand at stained glass. The mentor who will be training them is an artist called Sophie Lister Hussain, whose work embraces a wide variety of styles and practices and is technically superb. She also shares a studio with my ex-collegue and good friend Delia (, so I was a little green with envy that she would be rubbing shoulders with the lovely Monty Don for a few days.

I've yet to catch up on the previous episodes of this show (green woodcraft, thatching and blacksmithing) but by all accounts they make really interesting viewing.

Other newsworthy items...I won a giveaway! This beautiful paper mechanical animal set from Oh My Cavalier! (via Pikaland).

Julianna's work is inspired by ephemera, folklore and sharp-toothed mammals. This hesitant little badger just about breaks my heart.

All photos from Oh My Cavalier

Oh and I should also like to point you in the direction of It Belongs To Turtle by way of thanks to the Turtle for his kind words about my glass. A very charming Turtle he is too.


  1. What a great giveaway! they are delicious. Can't wait to see what those new projects are. L x

  2. I love those mechanical animals - lucky you :)

  3. I didn't even know about 'Mastercrafts' so will get on iPlayer and check it out as it sounds fab.

    Loving your giveaway wins, I'm off to check out the shop and drool :)

  4. Monty was down at Joyti and Di's barn for the green woodcraft one too. I couldn't believe that he had passed so close and I'd been unawares....

    x x x

  5. i'm afraid i've gone off monty....i got [myself] my mother in law one of his books and i'm afraid i died of boredom.
    but i'd love to see this programme but no telly means i wont' be able to
    and we here on the island of ireland can't get bbc iplayer which is a thundering disgrace and i'm writing to the bbc now with my other hands to complain bitterly
    i too am waiting for balls to roll but the only rolling i'm seeing is tumbleweed

  6. I love the little badger- she has so much expression.

    I saw bits of the thatching Mastercrafts and found it very interesting. It gave, what seemed like, a real feel for the work involved. I'll try and remember to look out for this week's one. Juliex

  7. I have been watching all of Monty's new series ( like I know the guy calling him 'Monty'!) anyhoo, I will be infront of the telly on Friday as this one looks to be the best of Monts (stop it!!!) programmes yet. Enjoy those goodies, Jo x

  8. Ha ha, yeah me and Mo Mo (as I like to call him) are like this (tries to work out punctuation symbols for a pair of crossed fingers and fails)

    Elaine, that is bad news. I wonder if it will appear on youtube after it has aired?

  9. We'll drum our fingers companionably and impatiently with you - nothing better to do since, as jaboopee says, the bbc doesn't like us. Marks and Spencer don't like us either - they'll ship to anywhere but here. Those animals are beautifully Victorian.

  10. oh i like those little animals, and the phrase sharp-toothed mammals even more. and i have always loved monty don, ever since he first popped up as the this morning gardener so many years ago. oh god, i'm one of those women who fancies monty don. i'm old. and middle class. sheesh!
    gus is crawling! yeeee-ha! still moany though. oh well.
    i will definitely watch mastercrafts this fri, thanks for the tip. x

  11. Just watched Mo Mo (lol) on iPlayer. Was brilliant, so inspiring. I was talking about you after and simply had to visit your blog before I could contemplate sleeping tonight.

    I mentioned the series in my latest post too, lol, do you think we could get commission?