Friday, January 15

Do NOT adjust your eyeballs.

The following images will look horribly blurry. Blogger does not like red, or orange, or pink. Happily, Folksy does, so you can view these pictures of the first batch of Valentine's offerings (without feeling like you've had one sweet sherry too many) over there.

It was nice to use up the last remaining bits of kiln-flattened orange glass left over from the Folksy Upcycled competition (I used it for the mittens and bobble hat) - alas the pictures don't do it's like Lucozade in glass form! It makes you feel full of health and vitality just looking at it!


  1. Love them - esp the little tree. Now how to persuade my beloved I NEED it?

  2. Aw. loved your upcycling piece - how much did it sell for - I looked at it and drooled but resisted - to regret of course. Ireally really loved it!

  3. I love them all! Particularly the little pink and orange bird, who needs to visit the other jewel coloured birds in my spring bird tree. Maybe you could get Mike to drop a few heavy hints to Nick?

    x x x

  4. It did OK, Umatji - well, it sold for almost what I would have sold it for (which is £60, i think it went for £57ish - in fact I think it was the highest selling item which I was completely delighted about) I have to say the auction had a few flaws - a lack of publicity, and ending on a Saturday evening when everyone was out meant that a lot of items didn't get anywhere near what their makers would have sold them for. A real shame, because it was for a great cause and a lot of hard work went into it by all the makers and the team at Folksy.

    I'm contemplating making a "Spring Girl" version!

  5. Your comments over at TLC made me laugh! - thanks.

    Love your Valentines offerings, I am just an old cynic and have never really done Valentines (probably harsh memories of not getting cards when a teenager - all girls grammar which didn't help) but I especially love the elephant, very cute.


    (Oh, agree with your comments re Folksy Upcycle above and you should def. do a Spring Girl)

  6. Hi! Just found you on Folksy and popped in here for a little nosey round and a word. I'm in love with the little bird...looking out of the window with him hung there would brighten any grey day. Glad I stumbled across your part of blog and art land . :)

  7. they don't look blurry .they look blurryful
    the copper wire heart is a stroke of genius...
    you are a glass maker extraordinare

  8. Oh that elephant he is so sweet. Love him, and I can see you have been amazingly busy in my absence. Good to read you again. L x

  9. Hi Sarah - thanks for dropping in and saying hello!

    Laura - good to have you back!

    Jaboopee - you're gettting very poetic with you comments of late!

    Beth - don't worry, we're non-Valentiners in my house too...but it's nice to have a theme to work to sometimes, gets my butt out into the workshop at least!

  10. I love it ! It's very beautiful !