Thursday, December 17


And the winner of the giveaway is.....(long pause for dramatic effect)

Caller No. 7, who I believe is LIZZY. I can't seem to access your blogger profile to contact you, but hope you are reading this! Can you email me with your address - fmjstainedglass (at) aol (dot) com? I'll post the birdie pronto.

OK, that's me done for the year. See you in 2010! I'm off to get started on the Stones Green Ginger Wine....


  1. What, you're taking a blogging holiday? Well, if it's for the sake of ginger wine, I guess you have to. It sure is lovely around yours, and 'Free Gift if you lose', that should apply to the whole of life, shouldn't it? The young ones are beautiful with their sunlit hair.

  2. Love the wintry photos Flora, especially the cake making. Looks fun. Missed the giveaway though...pooh. I have just had my 100th post which I forgot so I am doing one in the New Year. I am on blog holiday now too - so much to do and so little time. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  3. I have to confess that the Christmas pudding making ones are at my sister's house, which is much nicer than mine. That's her overseeing the proceedings. I'm the hunchback in the mad-old-lady orange hat on top of the hill.

    I'll look forward to it Cathy - have a lovely break x

  4. looking really festive and lovely where ere you are....
    a see there's a little artist to give mummy a run for her money soon
    have a lovely blog off
    happy crimbo to you and yours...

  5. lovely pics! THanks for sharing a glipse of christmas cooking - we are off to my brothers this year and no cooking to speak of (except of course gingerbread, etc etc) so I really miss the great big bowl and grog smell etc!
    have a lovely break and cwismas!

  6. Gorgeous photos... ok this is a bit of a random pop-in and comment... but miss you on you know where. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Best Wishes... Ready x

  7. Thanks for dropping in Ready! I'll swing by over there soon, I promise. Hope your little H is more settled now and letting you sleep some xx

  8. Oh I've missed reading your posts! Going to catch up from where I left off, might take some time but with a mug of hot chocolate and a bag of jelly tots (while the kids are at school, who's to know!) it will be a heavenly afternoon. xx

  9. Omi - that's so sweet! Jelly tots indeed - are you raiding the kids Christmas stash? I know I have (in the vain hope of rescuing their teeth - probably at the expense of my own though!)