Monday, June 1

It's all about... and white today.

Things started off very well, when it was another gloriously hot and sunny day - which meant I could wear this super-duper skirt that I love with all my heart (and it only cost me £1.50 from a charity shop - you'd never believe it was from Primark originally would you?)

They then took a rather surprising and fabulous turn for the better when I received a message from Lucie at lusummers/Summersville/blu-shed saying I had won her giveaway of a piece of her totally cool hand-printed Avenue fabric! I was perhaps a tad over-excited by this news [blush]. I'm a huge fan of her designs (and her blog).

Finally, I spent an idyllic afternoon with the girls in a glorious meadow by the river, paddling and searching for old bits of broken pottery (we are hoping to make a mosaic with them one day - something like this would be good!), and eating strawberries. It's funny, I'd never noticed how lovely the green part of a strawberry is before...


  1. Love today's green and white theme - particularly those strawberry tops - unexpectedly pretty.

  2. You have such an artistic eye, I love coming to your blog to see what treats you have in store for us. Mmm, now you have me craving strawberries!

  3. congrats on the win. And those strawberry tops would make such a great fabric print.

  4. i was thriled you were so pleased flora, so for goodness sake don't blush!
    and grt minds are thinking alike - arth and i went strawberry picking yesterday and i thought exactly the same thing abou the tops! i'm doing a strawberry based blog post later on...

  5. oh i love your strawberry tops flora. such pretty green stars.

  6. Thanks! How's the adorable Gus doing?