Tuesday, May 19

Too many things, too little time...

is basically my life, and in fact, probably most people's lives. Especially if you have small children as well. In my tidy-up this evening, after we put the girls to bed, I found three half-drunk cups of tea. I suppose on the upside, at least I had the time to make them, and drink a few slurps before losing them again.

I've been wanting to find a few minutes to sort out my header on here/Folksy/Etsy (when I get round to opening up there) but not a moment has been found today, although I have downloaded a rather gorgeous font from Dafont (a site recommended by Francesca from Mrs Eliot Books) for the purpose. I was a little alarmed to find my poor solitary heffalump on Folksy has been delisted - presumably it has been 6 months since I put him up (scratches head, looks blank, realises she has no recollection of the passing of 6 months). Luckily, I do now have more stuff to list... just got to find a few (more) minutes. Maybe I can get Isla to watch a 12 hour Wiggles marathon tomorrow....

Every Day in May

Oh this is just beautiful work. Her designs are based on and inspired by Japanese fabrics. The detail and colour in these panels is incredible. I am awaiting her permission to use some images on here...in the meantime, go and have a look for yourself - you'll not be disappointed.

Kate Gakenheimer


  1. Beautiful work- they remind me of kaleidoscopes too. Aren't people clever.

  2. hahahaahahhahaha! oh dear - that all sounds worryingly familiar.

  3. gorgeous stained glass, lovely choice.

    don't be too hard on yourself about folksy/etsy. it does take time to sort everything out - the photos, the blurb, the headers, not to mention the boring listing process. but once you have the stuff together just take one afternoon to get it all up there, if you can wangle the time. 12 hour wiggles sounds like a plan!

  4. Thanks Francesca - that's some good advice there. I think I'm still chasing my tail from poorly-child-week, so everything seems rather mammoth at the moment. Normal service resumed shortly!