Sunday, May 17

My workshop at night.... lovely. The kids are asleep, the radio's on and having just given it a pretty good clean up, it looks quite nice. Angel panels are in the cementing shed ready to be done tomorrow (groan) and then I'm all set to start on some new bits and pieces.

Oh, and also - not a great photo I know, but I couldn't get the little critters to stay still - how cute do my tadpoles look with their little froggy legs?! I was starting to get a bit weary of changing the water every 3 days and the general worry about their welfare, but now I'm in love with them all over again. Well, maybe "love" is going a bit far...

Every Day in May

OK, so having said I wouldn't do any more pics unless I got permission, I've just got to put this up because it's wonderful:

By Toshio Takami

A couple of other little gems on his site include:



I have a feeling that his son may have provided the inspiration for these panels (shhhh, don't tell anyone but I've been mining Nelly's drawings for inspiration too)


  1. your workshop at night is beautiful.

  2. I love the bits you put up - even if they are links - don't go disappearing the idea!

  3. I love your posts of other artists - even if they are only links. Don't go disappearing the idea please!

  4. Hi, Your workshop looks magical! Those tadpoles are so cute and your everyday in May is gorgeous. Three lovely images to take with me as I climb the stairs to bed. Thank you x

  5. Thanks all! It's so nice to get such lovely comments.

    Umatji - that's great to hear you are enjoying it... it's been good for me to go discovering new artists and styles - i wasn't sure if anyone else was finding it as much fun as me! Didn't have time to do one yesterday as I was so busy getting my panels finished, but I'll try and do one later today ^.^

  6. What a heavenly place.Do you know I am desperate for some stained glass in my front door now cos of you!

  7. You know where to come...;)