Wednesday, May 13

Oh you pretty things....

I had such a lovely surprise today. Sara, who runs our local emporium of gorgeousness Girl's Own, gave me 4 beautiful skirts for Nelly and Isla. This is the red one (for Nelly) and there is a blue one in the same pattern for Isla. Then there is a pair of matching green and pink floral skirts in their sizes. I am so excited! Needless to say the weather is grotsville, so no chance of giving them an outing today, plus Isla is still Poorline McPoorly (her neck glands are so puffed up you would not believe - she looks like Shrek) and has not been out of her jimjams for 3 days now....

Also - has anyone seen the fab brand overhaul on the Mornflake brand of breakfast cereals? I've been trying to find out if Angie Lewin did actually design the packaging, or whether it is a very good rip-off...but regardless, I am completely sold on it.

Edited 26/05/09 I had an e-mail from Simon Lewin today, saying that Angie didn't design the packaging. Although she had been approached by Mornflake, she declined.

Every Day in May

Clare Johnson designs, makes and conserves architectural and stained glass windows from her studio located in the heart of the glorious Peak District National Park. Here are a few images of her work - she puts so much life and movement into her windows, they are joyous!


  1. Hi

    Sorry to hear about your poorly daughter. I hope she is on the mend soon. At least she has some lovely skirts to look forward to.

    I agree that looks very like Angie Lewin and I know she does a lot of commissions like that but I think she probably has a very successful and copyable style. Not sure if it is possible to copyright a style as opposed to an actual work of art. Anyway, gorgeous glass. The colours are fabulous. I particularly like the golden flock of birds. Take care with that nasty lead stuff too.

  2. She GAVE them to you? wow..

    and I have been meaning to do a post on nice packaging, Mornflake was on my list to include.. it is very Lewin-esque isn't it?

  3. Oo what a lovely shop and the website is genius!

    Hope Isla feels better soon. Twirling in pretty skirts will surely cheer her up!

  4. I know Nath - how incredibly kind is that! I dropped off some chocs as a huge thanks, but still feel quite indebted!

    Thanks for all the well wishes for my poorly girl. She seems to be rallying a bit this afternoon ^.^

  5. that shop looks gorgeous! i bet your girls look very sweet in those skirts.