Thursday, May 14


Just for your amusement, here are a couple of rounds from a game of Picture Consequences I played with Nelly last night. I do love that balloon tied to the rabbit's ear, and the teeny-weeny sombrero on the funny-lookin' kid's head. His T-shirt says "I Luv Yoo Brad" - Nelly's current year 5 crush [sigh...she's only 5!]. I think that game is about the most fun you can have with 2 pens and some paper.

Every Day in May

Skip on over to Sue Woolhouse's website, for some wonderful examples of cast glass. Lots of lovely plants, flowers and fishies cast in glass.


  1. Consequences! Takes me back to reading 'What Katy Did' if my memory serves me right! Mind you I think Alice talks of it too!
    Thanks for the inspiration again...

  2. I love that game, and those drawings are so cute! Glad you shared them.

  3. to help with your typewriter search:

  4. mmmm, that red Royal...yes please!