Sunday, May 10

Beautiful Music

Went to see such an amazing band last night - Po' Girl (Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira). Their voices are so perfect together. This is taken from their website, and pretty much sums them up:

" genuine gypsies, these two wander and play. They move and move and play and sing. It's quite simple. Always restless, more often than not bone-tired, they write their flashes of sadness, their loss, their good love, their faint dreams of home into songs that matter deeply to them. Like any good art, they are little acts of self-rescue...and who couldn't use a little rescuing these days? "

To hear "Deer in the Night" - one of the most beautiful songs you might ever hear - and find out more, visit their site.

Every Day in May

Sunday's artist is Catrin Jones, for this incredible Welsh Quilt window at Maelor Hospital, Wrexham. I do love a quilt, so a stained glass one is a double joy.


  1. isn't it great when the artwork melds so perfectly with the sound.

  2. Absolutely - I quite forgot to mention how gorgeous the CD cover is - worth buying for that alone!

  3. Flora, this is wonderful! I just love it! Such wonderful work you do. You never disappoint!

  4. Flora, Please forgive me, I was running so fast that thought you did this piece. However the piece is still very beautiful. I love deer. I really need to slow down and read!!! Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by the blog. I hope that you will think about becoming a contributor to Wibby Wobbly Woods. I would love it if you did!! Take care1

  5. No worries - I would love to be able to illustrate like that! But thanks for stopping by anyway.

    Don't think I can commit to contributing to Wibbly Wobbly Woods at present - too much work on and too little time! Plus 2 kids! But I'll keep checking in to see how the woods are growing...