Saturday, April 18

Old job, new job

Yesterday, I finally got round to photographing this job that I completed recently. A 1930s door panel that was in a pretty bad state of repair when I received it, with 2 of the middle squares completely missing, and a fair few border pieces gone too. Luckily, the client managed to source a good glass match for the middle squares, and although they also found some Small Artic (the glass used in the border) it was everso slightly, but alas noticeably, more textured than the original. The only solution was to replace all the border glass with the new glass. The finished window came up as clean and shiny as a new pin!

I also went to look at a new repair job yesterday - a simple set of Victorian door panels that looked as if they would fall apart if you coughed at them. Other than the bad state of the lead, the glass was generally in good nick - a few broken border pieces and about 2 coloured squares missing overall. The client was happy to take them out themselves - so I advised several miles of masking tape and a couple of bucketfuls of patience!

Meanwhile, other projects on the go are slowly and virtually imperceptibly nearing completion. The silver stain (a metallic compound applied to glass and fired in the kiln to produce a yellow colour) on the border of Cake Boy came out the most pathetic, anaemic yellow colour... so back in the kiln for a second blast. Now it's a beautiful amber - I had forgotten that green coloured glass is often a bit resistant to stain and needs a firmer hand!

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