Monday, March 30

No explosions....yet.....

The Duralex plate with the birds on has come out of the kiln unscathed, the paint has fired and the silver stain has come out a perfect shade of catkin yellow. So i'm chuffed to say the least. The gingham enamel on the birds is looking almost unbearably cute, but I'm doing just one more quick firing as it was a bit too pale. So I'll put another pic up when finished. Just got to decide what to do next with it...put a nice border around it? Lead it into another panel? Just leave it as a sweet little plate? Hmm....

My very lovely friend and colleague Delia has just revamped her website, and she's put up lots of pictures of all the painted work I've done for her company over the past few years
  • Apollo Stained Glass

  • She's based in South East London.

    Finally, still in a dilemma about the Etsy I go for "Through A Round Window" (which will just squeeze in under their 20 letters or less restriction) or just "The Round Window" ? Answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address please.


    1. the round window definitely or even just round window - that way it's easier to remember (none of this straight into bed cakefree and dried nonsense ok?) x x x

    2. Thanks! Good to get feedback! My other option I'm thinking about is Through The Shop Window...