Tuesday, September 1

Nice people making nice things.

I was very excited to "meet" a fellow glass blogger recently. Her name is Elaine Prunty and her blog is called Jaboopee (I must find out what that means...). Not only does she live in lovely Dublin in what looks like an extremely cool and bohemian gaff...

She owns a wicked selection of vintage dolls...

...and makes fabulous crocheted lampshades...

...she also makes really great contemporary stained glass and mosaics. And look at what she's just finished making and installing in the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

It's made in glass mosaic, but I love the way she's really captured the sketchy energy of a child's drawing.

As for me, the pressure of various jobs is starting to ease and I'm now off to get stuck into a another small cockerel panel (like the one on my profile) which was commissioned recently. Will do a few pics of work in progress soon!


  1. Oh, I love the granny square lampshade.

  2. thanks so much Flora, and to show my appreciation , I can now exclusively reveal ( seeing as i've never been asked before ) the meaning of the word JABOOPEE.

    It's a word my friends dad used instead of thingymajig or yokeymabob ....really it just means "thing" .... I don't know if it's in common parlance or whether it was my friends dads own makey uppy word...

    good luck with the new work

  3. That looks like such a lovely room.

  4. What a beautiful room. Very inspiring!