Monday, January 12

T-shirt Design for Soulshine Café

I was recently asked to design a t-shirt for my friend Lisa's side-project to her bustling café Soulshine. As well as getting some printed with the Soulshine Café logo which I designed, she also asked illustrator Suzanna Hubbard to add a couple of her charmingly exuberant designs.

Although I was curious to see how one of my stained glass designs would look as a t-shirt, I thought it would be a good opportunity to brush up my Photoshop skills and work on a completely new design.

Inspired the dazzling array of gap-toothed kiddos exiting from Class Three every afternoon (one of them being my own) and the endless comparison of gaps, stumps, wobblability etc, I created a little gang of peg-toothed weirdos.

If you're curious about the latin motto at the bottom, Google Translate will sort you out.

The t-shirts are a limited edition and available to buy directly from Soulshine (☏ 01308 422821) and are available in a range of children's sizes.