Saturday, September 20

Crafty Ladies - Bugs & Fishes

I was recently interviewed by Laura (aka Lupin) on her Bugs and Fishes blog as part of her excellent  Crafty Ladies series.

Laura's is one of the very first blogs I ever read, so it's really nice to appear on it, and it was interesting to look back over a few of my projects from the past 12 months.

It also sparked a little conversation about Blogging Vs Instagram, which has motivated me to post more regularly here again (or at least try to!).

You can read the interview here.

Eagle-eyed stained glass folks will notice I have neither scratched or tallowed my solder joints in this picture.  It was late, I needed a workshop picture, it was just me and a self timer.  I forgot.  Rest assured when I actually soldered this panel I did scratch and tallow first :)


  1. lovely interview flo and beautiful pic of you :-) exciting about the cards too! x

  2. Thanks Fran! Me too (the cards), but ages to wait yet, they are for Christmas 2015!