Wednesday, November 13

Beach Junk

Inspired by Sabine Timm's quirky beach-find sculptures, we collected some flotsam and jetsam on Sunday and made some of our own.

It was great fun finding all the bits - spotting a bottle top here and a bit of fluoro fishing wire there, and then hatching a plan as to what we'd do with it, all the while tidying the beach and giving our youngest a reason to keep on walking (she's never that keen).


  1. love them!!little characters!! what a great idea! feel good activity!! fun fun fun!! wish we had a beach here...(not quite the same to collect rubbish along the road....although...hmmmmm!)

  2. absolutely love this flo! i must pin and facebook it immediately :-) the pictures are so lovely too, that cutting board (is it a cutting board?) sets everything off doesn't it? x

  3. Thanks guys, they were such fun to make. Fran, I thought of you as I was laying out all the odd little shapes on the tray - something about it reminded me of your play shapes series.