Saturday, September 28

3 New Cards - The Pocket Money Shop

Three new illustrations by Nelly in her Etsy shop - Freckle Face, Gypsy Dancer and Sad Cat.  I've listed them as blank A6 card + envelope, but they could be A4/A5 prints if required.

As before, sales of these go towards funding the adoption of a Snow Leopard through the WWF.


We've just returned from an amazing couple of days in Catalunya, and just as soon as I've finished unpacking (I don't know why it's taking so long, we only took hand luggage!) I'll put up some pics.


  1. looove these! well done Nelly! have pinned! looking forward to seeing your pics from Catalonia...have always wondered what its like there??xxjune

  2. ps! Mia sends her love...she's busy making her own art this minute, but also loved Nelly's paintings...
    Lets try and Skype with the girls soon!!

    1. Oh that sounds fun - I'm hopeless at Skyping though, it makes me feel all weird and camera shy!