Friday, July 5

Old and New

I thought I had posted these already, but looking back I see that I haven't.

It's been that kind of year - just finishing one project, and straight on to the next. Photos get taken, then left on my desktop for days/weeks.

But I'm not complaining - I love having both the traditional and contemporary work on the go together, never getting bored of one or the other.

These leaves were sent off to Ely, along with the nasturtiums. I've had a really good response to the cacti set that I made, so I thought I'd tweak my chevron leaf design in the same direction, using shades of olive green glass made from recycled wine bottles. If I was the sort of person to jump on a bandwagon (I am), I might be tempted to say I was going for an ombre effect (I just did).

Hot out the kiln is this bird for a stained glass studio in Leicestershire. It's a copy of a damaged original Victorian roundel. I love the bold yellow silver stained background and intensity of the blue on the bird - often roundels are rather more muted in colour, but this one is joyful.

And this image is from a while back that I just found in a dusty folder on my desktop, but it sums up the way the year has been so far, workwise, the traditional sitting nicely alongside the contemporary.

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