Thursday, May 16

Internet On The Radio - After The Jump

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I love the internet.  I devour blogs, procrastinate on Pinterest, enjoy the bantering on Twitter and so on.  But the problem is, you can't do anything else at the same time.

It really eats into your productivity.

So that's why I'm enjoying Grace Bonney's series of podcasts, After The Jump. It's like the internet, but on the radio.

She interviews fascinating people from all walks of creative life - illustrators, designers, entrepreneurs, writers - in an informal but intelligent way. Through the course of the interview, their route into their career is discussed as well as their family background and plans for the future.

I was a bit worried that it might be all too "Yay Me!" for my self-effacing British ways, but  she's a great interviewer, naturally curious and engaging, and the people she chats too are open and generous with their answers, often dishing out sound advice on how to deal with the problems of running a small creative business.

And all the while I'm listening, I can get on with making stuff! Meanwhile, I'm picking the brains of some really talented people.  Working and learning.

Any other recommendations for great creative podcasts are welcome - there is also a good list here by Abby Glassenberg.


  1. Hi Flora! Thank you so much for posting about "after the jump" ....just checked it out today, and I am already hooked!! And like you say: Its a substitute for the internet when you want to get on and make things!! xx

    1. Great, glad you are enjoying! It's keeping me sane through some of the tedious tasks involved in making stained glass :)