Wednesday, February 13

Contemporary Japanese Illustration


Looking back through my recent Pinnage, I seem to be gorging myself on contemporary Japanese illustration.  I've just found this site which has a great selection of children's picture books available.
Good old Google Translate - and isn't that an amazing facility?

Illustrators, top-bottom: Hirotaka Nakagawa, Hirotaka Nakagawa, Kikuchi Ki Chi, Mayuko Takeuchi, Oikawa Kenji / Mayuko Mr. Takeuchi


  1. Hi Flo,
    Thanks for my fab card from Nelly! We've all just about been lurgied out since jan 1st so it is making me smile. Roll on spring for a clean bill of health.
    Love Japanese illo, I have had some great Japanese students this term, they are a joy to teach and such lovely work they produce too.
    Suzanna xxx

    1. Ack, this bug that's doing the rounds is a nasty one isn't it - hopefully you're all coming out of the woods now. Thanks so much for buying one of Nelly's cards, see you very soon xxx

  2. beautiful inspiration! can't wait to see your new work inspired by these:) fab!