Tuesday, February 26


A few pictures from our weekend in beautiful Amsterdam.  

The most perfect city for walking and eating a huge bowl of pea and ham soup and drinking a cold beer and walking some more and poking around in funny little shops and then maybe a coffee and some cake and a bit more walking. 

First time away from the kids for a whole weekend, meanwhile they had a brilliant time with my super lovely sister and family.

Flying: Flybe from Exeter
Staying: Lloyd Hotel
Eating: Lion Noir, Kantjil


  1. WOW! Amazing room! I've just been nosing on that website. I need to go! Best start saving! xx

  2. I've never been there but would like to go one day. :) I like the window shutters in the top photo. I often think other cities in Europe look like the UK until I see those, I wish we had them on houses here more than we do!xx

  3. ooh that room looks amazing! lovely photos x

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend, especially sans kids – nothing quite like a bit of unencumbered wing flapping! I was born in Holland and your photos cast me straight back there, especially the beautiful canal shot *sniff*