Sunday, November 18

Sunday / Coupon Codes

Today we walked up a big hill and enjoyed looking down on our tiny town.

Isla took a small knitted oddity (turnip? potato?), purchased from some lovely knitting ladies on the market yesterday with us.  He seemed to enjoy himself.

We ended up (after getting a bit lost for a while in a soggy field) at a Real Tennis court.  Watched a bit of a match, it's a pretty strange game.  Seemed to involve hitting the ball off a sloping roof a lot of the time.  And they had some pretty windows in the building - I love the hydrangeas and the rabbit roundel.


I have some coupon codes to use in my Etsy shop soon - over the Cyber Friday/Black Monday weekend (23rd - 26th November) you can get 10% off everything in my shop with the code CYBER2.

There's also another one coming up as a tie-in with a mention in the Etsy/Stylist Magazine feature, but I'm not quite sure of the details of that yet - I'll keep you posted.

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