Sunday, August 26

Sato Kanae

The happy, happy world of Sato Kanae.

I love the simplicity, colours, movement and sweetness.

I always get a little seratonin rush every time one of her illustrations pops up in my Pinterest stream.

I'm just off to check out the Yen/Pound conversion rate, I rather fancy some of these postcards.


  1. i think our blogs should join forces since we both love exactly the same things - i was gonna post about her next week and you beat me to it! love these. especially the bedtime one. didn't know there were postcards, good to know. x

    p.s we really should meet one day, don't you think?

  2. Gah! I've done it again! Sorry Fran this must be getting quite annoying now!

    If I manage to get my head around ordering some postcards from a Japanese website I'll order an extra set for you :)

    Meeting up would be lovely xx

  3. Hi Flora, oooo I love these images too. Great post!

    Ellie x