Thursday, August 30

A. G. Hendy Home Store, Hastings

Another place we visited while in Hastings last weekend.  This 4-storey building in the middle of Hastings' Old Town has been painstakingly renovated and turned into, well, part museum, part old fashioned hardware store and part vintage furniture emporium by food writer and photographer Alastair Hendy. 

The prices will make your eyes water, but because everything is done so beautifully, you kind of don't care.

(I love the last Instagram of my beautiful Grace-Kelly-alike friend Jocelyn reflected in the scissor cabinet - very Hitchcock)


  1. Ha Ha - I think I'm more Alf Hitchcock than Grace K. Lovely photos as always x

  2. yes love that last photo. alf hitchcock! x

  3. I LOVE that shop, although, as you say, it is incredibly expensive!