Sunday, June 3

Bits and Pieces

I suspect that posting pictures on here from my Instagram feed might be a bit lazy, but as my blogging mojo has temporarily left the building, I shall anyway...

Couldn't help but be charmed by Nelly's artistic work with her crudités

I let Isla loose on my mush with a box of face paints.
Coincidentally, later on that evening, the film of Frida Kahlo was on the telly.  It was very enjoyable.

I was the lucky recipient of this charmingly odd pig/pug linocut by the talented David Ryan Robinson

Lastly, I can't stop thinking about this lovely beard.


  1. Oh wow I LOVE the beard!! I intermittently lose my blogging mojo, and either just don't bother for a bit or share a few favourites from Pinterest - rest assured it's just nice to see what you're up to, no-one's judging (I hope!). :)

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  3. sshhhh, no it's not lazy. i do it all the time! it's good to fill in the blogspiration gaps. and it's nice to see your spotty face again. and my PLATE! goddammit! give it back!

  4. And a new profile picture too! You're looking well!