Friday, May 25

Week in Pictures

1) Been working on a few non-shop bits and pieces this week - including painting some replacement pieces for a church window repair.

2) Ordered a copy of the Rob Ryan quarterly newspaper, SPQR, and it's a bit gorgeous.  I still find his work fresh and inspiring.

3) Just as I was about to recycle the envelope it came in, I found this cute little badge hiding at the bottom.

4) And in sardine news, Waitrose has the lemon ones back in stock after a 3 month drought.  Phew.


  1. Such gorgeous images.

    I received a Rob Ryan vase for my birthday and I absolutely adore it. It takes pride of place at the end of my bed! With flowers in of course.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Nina x

    1. Oh you lucky thing! How nice to have fresh flowers in your bedroom too.

  2. Ha, Sardine news! The packaging on that tin is mighty fine too.

    Emily x

  3. It's a lunchtime staple in our house, we've been bereft these last long months...

  4. I have never seen more dignified sardines.

  5. I love te rob ryan newspaper! so nice to discover your blog flora! I know your work already of course