Tuesday, March 6

Stock for the Stained Glass Museum at Ely Cathedral

Sorry, that's a bit of a dry title.  
I'm trying to make my blog more "search engine friendly" 

I get a lot of visitors looking for peg dolls or paper chains,
very few for contemporary stained glass....

I just realised that although I tweeted my exciting news, I have yet to blog it.
I'm currently working my way through a large order for The Stained Glass Museum
who recently emailed me to say "Can we have 4 of each of your designs for our shop?"
Which works out to be quite a lot in total.

Last week was spent painting painting painting.

A few in-progress shots of the glass cut, and then painted.
(sorry... late nights + Instagram = grainy pictures)

It's been fun making a new batch of these guys too.
I've chosen some pretty, pale sugared-almond shades for them.


The weather has been rather lovely recently.

These criss-crossed vapour trails late one afternoon were quite a sight.


I notice there has been a flurry of new subscribers lately - thank you!

I must be coming up to my 3 year blog anniversary about now,
which I find extraordinary - I'm normally so faddy!

Thanks for sticking with me and reading and commenting.
It is always appreciated and treasured.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, feel v. excited about it.

  2. 3 years!! Wow... H will be 3 in July! Well done you for keeping it going. I just started my own blog - not sure I will still be going in 3 years!
    Super cool about the Stained glass museum wanting your pieces. I don't live all that far from Ely, I will have to go check it out - and then be all smug when I see your pieces - a claim to fame, if you will :) x

    1. Wow, can't believe H is getting so grown up! The pieces are for the museum shop, not actually exhibits in the museum, but exciting none the less.

    2. I'm still super impressed! Still a claim to fame... when in the gift shop :) Awesome. Well done you.

  3. great stuff Flora and congrats on 3 yrs bloggin'! fab to get your work in the museum shop - I'm often in Ely and have been meaning to get to the museum for ages... will keep an eye out for your work in the shop x

    1. Thanks Moira - same here - I was hoping to be able to deliver it all in person and have a look round the museum but it's just too far from Dorset, so will have to post in several boxes!

  4. well done on that big order - great news. and i love the new egg men palette. x