Thursday, December 8

Hey Look That's Me

Yes, this very blog that you are reading right here has been recommended
as one of Channel 4 Homes favourite craft blogs.

If you're visiting from the 4Homes website...



  1. Would you say hello to Hugh F-W when you see him, now that you're moving in those circles? Tell him I don't mind him so much now that he's eating vegetables.

  2. I'll say hello to him Mise - now that I teach at River Cottage me and Hugh are BFFs.

    Flora - we all knew that you were brilliant, it was just a matter of time. When I have some disposable income again I'll be snapping up some more birds to hang in the tree.

    x x x

  3. Wow Naomi, how did I miss that? Congratulations!

    Ok Mise, I'll leave Naomi to do the helloing to Hugh, while I go and teach Kirstie how to knit a teapot.

  4. Hi Naomi,
    I've just come along from Planet Penny to say hello from a fellow member of 'The List'! I shall now toddle off and have a little browse through the round window...

  5. woo-hoo! that's flippin great flora. and re mise's comment, can you say hello to kevin mccloud for me please? i have a random crush. it's the way he says "this house..." when he's concluding each episode of grand designs. ta. x

  6. Kev says hi, and that he loves your work. I have a bit of a Kev-crush too. I like his brutal honesty when people have spent their entire life savings and the end result is hideous.

  7. Wow - congratulations - you deserve it - you have a great blog!!

    Love your cards btw, your work looks great on paper - you should make prints too :)

  8. Thanks Ashlee :) I do hope to get round to making some prints, hopefully next year when my youngest is at school full time.

    I love the child's drawing on your blog of the dinosaur so much I have added it to my Pinterest board here Hope that's ok, let me know if not.

    Also, we have a drawing table in a very similar condition to yours - it's great to give them the freedom of going over the lines a bit!

  9. hi,

    im here from the channel 4 site, congrats on the mention and the lovely blog x