Sunday, October 16


I've just finished and delivered a number of pieces for the Rostra and Rooksmoor Gallery in Bath as part of their All Wrapped Up exhibition.

I've included a new design, Crofter's Cottage, which was inspired by a recent re-watching of one of our favourite family films, "Ring of Bright Water".  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it, although it is a rather more tame version of the true story of Gavin Maxwell, his otters and his time at Sandaig (a remote part of the Scottish mainland).  The trailer below does not really capture the charm of the film (largely due to the awful voiceover man)

The cottage in which he lives is a derelict but idyllic Crofter's Cottage.  Typically, they are single-story, whitewashed dwellings with a tiled roof, like this one.

My version is a re-working of my original Woodcutter's Cottage.   Having spent a bit of time researching crofter's dwellings, I'm rather tempted by the idea of staying in one for a long weekend.  Tucked up by the fire on a sofa a bit like this one...

The exhibition also features Rebecca Coles incredible papercut butterflies,  Emily Lawlor's gorgeous mosaics and Claire Halifax's silkscreen cityscape prints.  Go and see if you're in the area!

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