Tuesday, May 3


We celebrated the Royal Wedding in style, in the company of good friends,
outside my favourite shop in Bridport, Old Albion.

Sharon, who runs it (and organises the monthly Vintage Market)
had laid out trestle tables in the courtyard.
My friend Lisa brought her tea trolley and apron.
There was a lot of tea and scones and wine and beer.


On Saturday we narrowly avoided golf-ball sized raindrops
and did our first campervan sleepover of the year.

Yes. There were toasted marshmallows.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow- the inside of that camper van looks lush- v jealous. Looks like a smashing weekend x

  2. I have always longed for a camper van and keep nagging hubbie to no avail! It looks such fun and will give lasting memories of happy times I'm sure.

  3. Not that I'd want you to move that lovely child aside an inch, but it would be good to see more of the inside of your camper van. It looks wonderfully redolent of deck-chairs and retro ice creams.

  4. My kids dream of having a camper van, yours looks rather splendid.

  5. looks fabulous flora. ben is hankering after a campervan. looks like so much fun. x

    p.s i agree with mise, can we see more?

  6. Sounds and looks great! may it be the first of many campervan sleepovers!

  7. Hi Flora,

    The Bridport Vintage Market has a new facebook page. Spread the word!