Wednesday, March 16

Puppet Club

Tuesday evenings just got a lot more fun, since we signed up for Puppet Club.
Run by Marc Parrett of Stuff and Nonsense theatre company
(who I've blogged about before),
we're having a fine old time with newspaper and masking tape.

Even the room it's held in is a bit special
(a beautiful old dance theatre dressing room)

I'll post up the finished puppets soon...


  1. Ok thought I'd come back after I'd had a chance to calm down as I can't stop thinking of puppets now you see, maybe I should use that tactic more. I did a full time puppetry course and my most favourite part was hanging them up at the end of each making session (saying my good-byes) they looked so fantabulous in their oddments hanging waiting. I took a gazillion photos of the making process I was in wonderment I think I thought I was Gepetto. I wish I could come play!

  2. love how much she's concentrating! great club, looking forward to seeing the finished puppets. x