Wednesday, January 19


I always feel a bit cruel pinning the birds together before soldering.
They remind me of those butterfly collections.


  1. You and Elaine both (with her patchwork eyes). It must be a particular stained-glass artist offshoot of lunacy.

  2. Poor little things- I'm sure they don't mind too much though. I adore the colours on the one on the left! X

  3. Ha, me too with all my pinning and stitching, but apparently it's just like acupuncture (so they tell me), very relaxing and they feel brand new afterwards.

  4. Hi Flora,

    Thought I should let you know that your website has gone a little weird. Photos are now overlapping the text.

    Philiy x

  5. I love working progress photo's, they look great!:)

  6. I can feel a little bit of ouch! but it's lovely to be able to see how it's done. Thank you. xm

  7. hah! I have been dry needle felting. made joseph and mary and I admit punching a needle into poor old mary's pregnant belly felt wrong on so many levels! So I hear you on the pinning pain!

  8. they have the look of hard hairy bikers ....
    umatji 's comment reminds me
    i made joe a ragdoll in his own likeness wasn't quite
    anatomical correctin a particular area and had to be cut....
    that was 27 years ago and it still affects me ......