Wednesday, November 3

Two Interviews

If you like children's books you might like to hear these...

Interview with Jean Adamson (creator of the Topsy and Tim books)

Interview with Helen Oxenbury and John Burningham

I was very moved by both.

I'll do the giveaway on the next post.


  1. Those top photos are just beautiful. I am going to try and find a moment to listen without interruptions.

  2. Thanks for sharing, going to listen now while I work :)

  3. oh you're a star. will have a look and a listen. thanks! have a lovely weekend f. x

  4. I may be bringing the tone down but was it not us aged about 8 that splatted dry fluffy boiled spuds in between the pages of a Topsy and Tim book?

  5. Both top pictures are very tender and moving. I understand (I think) what you mean by being moved. I feel the same.