Friday, November 26


This came in the post today from my friend Delia.
We used to work together here. She has her own business in S.E. London.
We still work together from time to time, via e-mail and post.
I haven't had any painted work like this to do for a while.
It'll be nice to get back to some soft colours and fine lines.


  1. and no better woman for it.....i was thrilled and very lucky to get two of these in spitalfields market in summer, i darn't tell you how much..i'll just stress how lucky I was to get it ....i also got some glass slides ,i'd never really seen before,...painting on glass , some with just text...probably used as slides ,there mainly religious but thought they'd be great in a window of some sort....have you seen them before?
    delia's work is lovely....i'm mad about arts and crafts and mackintosh too..