Tuesday, October 5


The contents of my kiln the other day.
Nothing nicer than cracking open a kiln full of colour and pattern.

Our new chest of drawers. It was very tatty to start with,
but after a bit of love and beeswax (and some new bakelite knobs)
it looks very at home in our house.

My new cardigan, thrifted of course. I love this pattern.
I was overjoyed to see it on a cardy.


  1. Tick, tick, and tick. It's all good. You have yet to topple from the perch of our high estimation of you.

  2. hi from canada
    i read your comment on pretty far west and its odd because i just moved to Prince edward island about 10 minutes from cavendish where the anne of green gables home is. its all closed for the season now but it will be cool to see it in the spring
    just thought i d say hi. love your cardy!!

  3. hard to know what to say after mise but I do love the knobs and the pattern on the cardi as well as te colour - I am not so starved for colour as the sun it finally out here.
    can't wait to see the colour in creation.

  4. i always love to see your kiln innards! v nice cardi too. x

  5. love all the colours in your kiln too and your your chest of drawers fab! And you can't beat a nice degan in Autumn, great pics flora!:)

  6. Ooh, those bits of glass look like boiled sweets waiting to be sucked (I am aware that sucking them would not be a good idea however).

    The chest of drawers is lovely, I really like the bi-coloured approach - very mid century. Where did you get the bakelite handles?

    x x x

  7. is that you dancing to the little red monkey too.......

  8. I like the inside of your kiln!

  9. ha ha elaine - I *have* been known to wig-out to Little Red Monkey, frankly, how can you not?

    Hello Annamaria!

    Naomi - Bakelite handles came from the knob guy on the market - he still has about 20 left like that, they are sweeeeet.