Thursday, October 28


I have just opened a new shop on Big Cartel.
I can't recommend them highly enough.
Easy, fast, simple instructions, nice layout.
And free, to start with.

I've also just ordered a new batch of postcards
In this everso slightly festive design.

And there seem to be lots of nice new people over there>>>>
Hello! 100! How are you all?
Oh. Someone's jumped ship. Bye!


  1. That is a lovely, lovely card. Will you be selling Christmas cards? Some of their crative glamour might rub off on me, the sender, were I to send them, she said wistfully.

  2. Happy 100th follower! I do love your shop- hope you sell lots xx

  3. great card, lovely vibrant colours! shop looks great too, good luck with it:)

  4. it will make lovely cards. it always reminds me of this russian church in west london:

  5. Beautiful design and colours. How exciting for your new shop! xm