Thursday, August 5

Notes to Self

A Breton Fisherman yesterday

Further to our recent family holiday to Brittany, I thought it best to write down some mental notes for future holidays:

1) Do remember never to go on a ferry ever again. Unless I want to spend another entire 5 hour crossing sitting out on a windswept deck like a rather queasy-looking Captain Ahab.

(Image from here)
Please note, this is an artist's impression - my actual wooden leg is much more finely turned than that.

2) Do pack ear plugs for car journeys to lessen the damage to eardrums from the incessant "I WANT TO GO HOME/ARE WE THERE YET" choruses from the back seat.

3) Do remember to pray daily at the altar of Saint Usbourne of Stickerbooks - the patron saint of all camping holidays.

4) Don't hold younger daughter's Chuppa Chupp for her while she puts her shoes on, decide to have a cheeky suck, wonder what that sharp bit on it is, wow, actually that is really weird, it's like a stinging sensation, feels almost as if it's a, a, a, oh fuck, a wasp inside my mouth, ow, now it is really stinging me lots, better spit that out then.

Ah, it's good to get away. Better to get back though.


  1. ouch!
    and that has to be the most comfortable and happy child in a photo that i wished was me that i' ve seen in a long time ....
    and your wooden leg is really lovely , you should show it off more, like the photo of you that stops at your nose with birds on your neck making us think you have no eyes but are nonetheless really attractive
    i'm off on my holliers now,can't wait for the break and the thought of sitting and not moving . .....happy everything flora majora
    i swear the wv was happilem ....what the fruit?

  2. Ha ha! I feel terrible for laughing at your expense, but that was a laugh out loud post, so dry! St Usborne of Stickerbooks - priceless!

    It bought back that queasy feeling I get after playing too many rounds of twenty questions. Also that other decidedly worse feeling that I used to get every year on the annual sea pilgrimage back home to Dublin. Blech!

    x x x

  3. Sounds like you had great 'fun'. We have 3 drives to and from Yorkshire this month, that's enough traveling with kids for me thanks. I am the vomit queen of travel sickness so sympathise, luckily it doesn't strike all that often any more but F has taken to throwing up on our Yorkshire runs every time we pass Leeds....don't know if it's personal?! So it appears I've passed the baton to him. Lucky lad.

    Enjoy the rest of summer - oh nice pj's, I tried to talk the boys into the same pair but oddly they opted for bat ones with glow in the dark eyes.


  4. um...were you on my holiday? sounds quite similar. so glad to be home! x

  5. a wasp! in your mouth! how terrifying.

    we have a long car journey on the cards and i am already more than slightly dreading it. sometimes we go in the dead of the night. except once Iris stayed asleep until we almost got there and then was up, perkily awake for a considerable portion of the night, really it's true, you just can't win.

  6. p.s. jaboopee, i can verify that Flora does have eyes, two in fact! a matching pair.