Tuesday, July 20

Pale and Interesting

It's very exciting when people, whose work you really, really rate, want to buy something from you. I mean me. Hang on, what? What I mean is I was very chuffed when Lucie Summers asked me to make a little singing bird for her. The thing is, she said, the person it's for is a real neutrals person....could you do something in pale colours...? Well yes, I most certainly could.

And I think it looks just darling and refreshingly different to the bright vivid colours I usually use. So much so I went and a made a little pale-blue-and-green-dreamy-sea-colours bird too.


  1. How self-possessed they look in pale, as though they need no one's approval.

  2. oh my flora, perfect, prefect, PERFECT!!!!!!! i love her, she's exactly what i hoped for and more, you're a bloomin' genius xxx