Tuesday, July 13

Contemporary Indian Window for The Bull Hotel

At last, I've got some pictures to show you.

The window is in one of their newly refurbished rooms (they've just finished converting a few mews-type buildings that lead out on to their stunning courtyard festooned with greenery, flowers and bunting). The room is called Nandi (the name of the bull that the Indian goddess Shiva rides on - clever eh?) and has a contemporary Indian theme with the most amazing wallpapers. The one you see here is so convincingly three-dimensional, you really do have to go and touch it, just to check they haven't actually covered the walls in corrugated iron. On the opposite wall is a beautiful bold paisley print in dusty plum and gold.

The roll-top bath is on a small raised platform in the corner of the bedroom, and the window serves not only to give privacy to the bather, but also to cast the most dazzlingly decadent light across the room. There is a king-size bed and chaise longue in antique rattan, and honestly, it took all the strength I could muster not to just flop on the crisp white duvet and tell them, no you can't have your key back, I'm staying.

I am really delighted with the way the window complements the theme and colours of the room. The paisley border (which took a lot of experimenting with) works brilliantly - giving the window great texture and tying in nicely with the wallpaper opposite. Glass geeks may be interested to know that the olive green glass for the border is actually Spectrum Waterglass. I know - how thrilled was I to find they now make it in 2 new shades of olive green! I actually also put some silver stain on the border glass to "warm" up the olive, to make it more of a yellowy olive than a bluey one, with the added benefit of giving the glass a bit more "life" and subtle variations in tone and colour - Waterglass can look a bit ho-hum if used in large areas. On the other hand, if used with the grain to your advantage in small areas, the effect can be quite dynamic. For this window, I used plum Waterglass in the petal shapes, with the grain following the direction of the petals.


  1. That's a beautiful, beautiful window. I've been eyeing my bathroom window lately (awful privacy glass) and thinking it would be much better as bright stained glass. Your colours are splendid: dignified without being at all drab. A big round of applause.

  2. that looks amazing! can't quite make out the bee smoking the gherkin but i'm sure it's there somewhere...!?!

  3. Really beautiful....I want that bath set-up!

  4. Thanks folks :-)

    Whaddya mean you can't see the beekin Marc? The whole panel is a metaphor for the crisis of the honey bee and it's declining numbers (due to it's 40 gherkins-a-day habit). Huff. Some people.

  5. so wonderful flora, perfect with that bath. x

  6. loving it ms flora , paisley printing worked a treat too , you deserve to remain in my blogging stratosphere , truth be told you are the emperor to my emperess.....
    and just one more question
    corrugated iron effect wallpaper ?
    your majesty

  7. What a delightful and lovely window. I would love to sit in that tub and watch the light shine through those divine colors. I am glad I could see it from so far away! Cheers!

  8. Love this gorgeous design. The colours really sing together. I like the engraved effect on the green too.

  9. what a stunning window! simply beautiful. if you're ever in Beaminster please pop in - I'd love to chat....

  10. hello Flora,
    I love your corrugated iron wallpaper at the Bull Hotell PLEASE would you be so kind and email me with detailes where i can purchase some. many thanks in advance for your help.
    Agata Gawin