Sunday, June 13

Fun and Games

I have discovered that Mike's phone takes a half decent picture, so will do as a temporary measure while I decide which kind of camera to get (read: have more than 27 and a half pence in bank account)

We've been enjoying these board games (found in my local emporium of dead-old-lady-stuff) as an after dinner treat.

You may wish to hurl cries of "Owwww, Board games are Borrrrriiingggg" at this point. I know we did as kids. But strangely, Snakes and Ladders has somehow become a white knuckle roller coaster ride of thrill in my old age. Perhaps it's the anticipation of small children throwing almighty tantrums if they lose that gives it the extra frisson.

Finally, by popular request....


  1. that is by and large and without a shadow of a doubt the very bestest EVER Photo of a post office receipt for photographs that i have ever had the good fortune to witness. i can only thank you profusely from the bottom of my heart .
    YOU ARE my HERO.

  2. no i love board games, always have, always will. but ludo...that's ruthless! x

  3. I think those post office receipts could only be bettered if they had VOID stamped right across them. You can see that I'm not as easily pleased as Jaboopee.