Friday, March 12

Hello, how do you do?

I'd like to introduce you to some friends:






These little eggy fellows are in the shop right now...well, eggcept Maurice and Melvin who will be packing their suitcases and heading off to Kent to stay with their Auntie Linen Cat.

Such fun to make these guys. Initially, I had ideas about making decorated pastel coloured Easter Eggs for the shop. Do you know the book The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown - illustrated by the amazing Alice & Martin Provensen? "And then a world of Easter eggs that danced about on little legs"

That image just kills me, so I started designing eggs with legs and arms, and then I kept putting faces on them that made me laugh and found the legs and arms to be rather unnecessary. So I dressed them in dapper little outfits and here they are. I was channelling 1970s men's hairdressers for the names...spending most of yesterday wandering around muttering things like "Hair by.....erm....Roger? No, not quite right"

I hate to show favouritism, but I think I love Claude the best...who's your favourite?


  1. Melvin is my best friend - he reminds me of Billy Bunter. I can just imagine them all marching round the school grounds, shepherded by Francois-Claude the eccentric music teacher egg.

  2. delightful miss may.truly delightful
    ...Eugene is my new gay best friend and i love him more than life itself .

  3. It's all about Eugene for me, it's the amazing moustache that does it :)

  4. Melvin, love him love his name. So cute with those glasses. He is obviously an intellectual egg! L x

  5. wow, i love them all. but my fave is eugene. for sure. but they're all egg-traordinary. ho ho.

  6. Possibly Roderick, but Eugene's curly moustache is calling to me!!!! These are just fab! Jo x

  7. Obviously I am rather fond of Melvin and Maurice, I have to say, they make me think of Victorian barbershop owners, may have a problem giving them away! Bx

  8. oh they are just too good to be true flora! x

  9. Oh such lovely feedback - thanks everyone! Looks like Eugene is the nation's sweetheart so far - he is also wupping the others on Folksy views and favs.... Clearly facial hair is just the thing on an egg.

  10. thank you for the visit ;)
    and it's great to find your blog!!
    see you soon,

  11. They are fab! Melvin is my favourite.
    Ready x
    PS. Hope you don't mind me reading your blog, I just love your work. I keep hinting at my other half for a piece, but I think I am not hinting loudly enough ;)

  12. Hi Ready! Lovely to see you - pop by anytime!